I Look Into The Darkness
With Myriads Of Stars
I Feel Myself So Tiny
And Insignificant
We Often Forget There Might Be
Someone That Is Far
More Shiny, More Mighty
And Better Than We Are
Don't You See We Sunk In Vices
And Nobody Cares
We Suppose Our Business Is To Be
Most Valuable Affair

We Look So Tiny On World Alien Scale
They're Must Be Watching From Above
How We Pottering In Our Swamp
For Nights And Days
Struglling For Our Lives
And Making Money
They're Letting Us To Stay Out There
Juts For A While

We Scorn Others Traditions
We Find Them Primitive
Despite The Contradictions
We Still Together Live
Should We Continue
To Persistently Defy Them
We'll Have Never Ever
A Chance To Stay Alive


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