I See A City Drowning In A Smoke
That Derives From The Chemical Plant
I See Children Perished By The War
People Are Sheding Too Much Blood
Springs Have Poisoned
And Forests Have Felled
But We Still Think We Have Enough Time

Look Into The Eyes Of New World
It''s A Promised Land We Live Together
Look What You''ve Done To Your Home
Nature Cries For Your And My Endeavors
Never We Value The Life
Once We''ve Given
We Think It''s For All Times- Yeah
Man, Don''t Be So Blind
Anyday We Must Take Care Of What We Have.

I See An Elephants Shot Down For Bones
Whale-boats Are Sailing Over The Sea
Envaders Seizing Countries Just For Oil
They Say They Full Of Misery
People Are Dying From Unknown Desease
But We Suppose We Have Enough Time


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