Strange Variegated Blazing Cuts The Night
It Looks Like Jumping Light Somewhere Upstairs In Heaven
This'' Widely Spreading Cross The Purple Sky
That Must Be Day Creates Its Vengeance

You Frightened By The Odd Phenomena
You''re Running To The Darkness Of Your Ordinary Life
Once You Dared Leave That Gloomy Maze
The Luck Is Giving You The Chance
Do Look The Atmospheric Dance

Who Told You Light Is Harmful
For A Human Being
And We Must Spend Our Best Days
In A Shadow Kingdome
Light Is A Warmth, Light Is A Basis
Of All Kinds Alive
Instead, It Is Ignorance Causes Harm

The Atmospere Is Dancing To The Rhythm Of Our Heart
It''s Everlasting Compromise
Between The Light And Darkness
This Won''t Be Easiest Decision In Your Life
So Be Wise

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